Unconventional brides of Digital Media

Unconventional brides of Digital Media

Here are the brides who went viral for their wedding looks in 2021

Do you have a dare to break the bridal mold?

May be but most of you will definitely say an open NO.

In a society where there are specific cultural dresses for weddings, a few have chosen outclass look. Moreover, these brides have not chosen traditional bridal dresses. They have not selected beige-maroon gowns, but even jewelry. The unconventional brides also not chosen again the traditional look of make-up as well.

Additionally, these brave brides have also kicked out the old dramatic hairstyle.

Lastly, these brides are from Southeast Asia who set different standards for brides-to-be.

Here are a few of the chic brides who could inspire you to break the typical stereotypes on your big day!

Wazhma Awan

Pictures taken by photographer Natasha Zubair and Maham Iqbal Bosan have gone viral where a bride is seen with unusual attire. Wazhma Awan broke the internet with her warrior-like oriental gown and Victorian sunburst Halo crown that stole the spotlight. The crown grabbed the attention of the audience. In fact, this crown makes her totally different from traditional brides.

Sanjana Rishi

Another viral bride of social media is Sanjana Rishi with a pastel powder blue pantsuit. She complimented the look with a dainty western veil. What a jewelry selection of Sanjana.

Of course! pink-purple flowers bunch added in her attractive look.

Yasmeen Hashmi

Once again Red is here. But in a different look on Yasmeen Hashmi. Red hues have always been connected with Pakistani and Indian weddings. However, model Yasmeen Hashmi had differentiated it with simple embroidered Pishwas. Finally, she did not forget the red color on her big day.

It was for this session. Here we discussed the wedding viral pics of India & Pakistan only in last few days. However there are many more to reveil who showed dare to break the traditional looks.

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