Best Cooking Tips

Best Cooking Tips

We are here with some new best cooking tips. We hope you will be benefitted.

  1. Always cut juicy fruit from its top or bottom instead of cutting it from center. It will save your juice and enhance the juice taste as well.

2. To avoid mess in kitchen, try to cook in oven instead of stovetop especially when backing.

3. If some egg shell pieces have been mixed during cracking the egg, try to scoop it with egg shell instead of fingers. It will save your time.

4. Try to crack an egg on a flat surface instead of edges. It will prevent the chances of mixing of eggshell pieces in egg mixture.

5. To kill the smell of meat, Fry it in garlic + ginger paste along with 1-2 curry leaves before cooking.

6. The most important, always clean the kitchen before you leave. It give a refreshing sense and you will feel comfortable.

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