Top 10 Cooking Tips

Top 10 Cooking Tips

Cooking tips are not just worthy for beginners but for experts as well. If you are in search of quick-cooking tips, read this article. It will not only save your time and effort but will help you to cook more delicious and nutritious food for your family/customers.

Cooking Tips are here:

  1. Put a moist kitchen towel under your cutting board. It helps to prevent swivellling around when cutting with a sharp knife.

2. Add a little salt to everything. Salt gives a unique taste that deepens all sorts of flavours to your food even in sweet dishes. To boost the taste of sweet dishes, salt s used from years ago.

3. Set your timer for a few minutes less than the called-for time. All types of ovens heat differently. The first time, keep a check on mentioned cooking time and actual cooking time. The differential time will apply to all cooking timings.

4. Try to cook seasonal foods (veggies) – Seasonal foods give a sparkling taste to your cooking.

5. Never Bake without a Scale. To get the best taste of baking items, always use a measuring scale.

6. Mince garlic by hand instead of a grinding machine. Wash and clean the garlic then mince it with your hands to get the original taste and smell in your food.

7. Trust yourself! Never think that you can’t cook properly. Always start cooking with confidence, you will feel the difference.

8. Never overcook – Undercook is better than overcooked. Especially cookies, as it continues to cook on the tray for a few minutes due to the heat of the oven.

9. Add brown sugar to your tomato sauce to make the overall flavour even richer.

10. Clean up the mess as you go. Instead of pilling up the mess, make a habit to clean all surfaces, pots, utensils right after the usage is over. It will give you an energetic feeling. You will not feel tired after cooking. Give it a try, you will agree with us. Additionally, it’ll save you time and stress later.

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