Headache – Causes and Treatment

Headache – Causes and Treatment

Headache is a fairly common issue, but many people don’t know why it occurs or what to do when it does occur. It may be tension headache, covid headache, general headache, sinus headache, headache behind eyes. Symptoms usually include painful headache, scalp tenderness, and pressure on the forehead’s centre, sides, and back and causes have the treatment as well. If you or someone you know has a tension headache, it is helpful to understand the causes and cures/treatment for tension headache.

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1. Fatigue

There is a risk of tension headache if you light a fire from both ends of the candle and sleep a little. If you try to work after just a few hours of sleep, you may experience at least mild headaches throughout the day. Some people experience more serious headaches, especially when combined with other factors such as stress.

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2. Stress – Physical & Mental

Stress is the most common cause of tension headaches. Emotional disorders can make you more susceptible to a variety of symptoms. Difficult day work, unexpected bills, or discussions can lead to high levels of stress that can cause tension headaches.

3. Eye Strain with additional work load


If you are working on your laptop or straining your eyes reading fine print, you can end up with a serious tension headache. If you tend to get these headaches regularly or frequently, your doctor will recommend checking your eyes. More powerful lenses may require glasses or a new prescription. If you’re doing a lot of data reading, it’s a good idea to take a short break every 30 minutes to rest your eyes.

4. Cold or Sinus Infection

Tension headache are closely associated with colds and sinus infections. Headaches are a common symptom of colds and sinus infections. Colds need to b e followed before the general symptoms subside, while sinus infections may require medication. Attempting to work or do household chores while suffering from a cold or sinusitis further increases the risk of tension headache.

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5. Caffeine

Many of our favorite drinks (coffee, tea, soda) contain caffeine. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and may experience headaches after drinking coffee or other drinks. Tension headaches can also occur when a person drinks too much coffee that his system cannot handle. If people who drink regular coffee or tea suddenly stop indulging in the daily dose of caffeine, they are also at risk of tension headaches.

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Treatment for Headache

1. Medication for headache relief

If you experience tension headaches only occasionally, you can take over-the-counter medications to relieve the headache. However, if you experience this headache more often, you should see a doctor to find the root cause. Doctors warn that frequent over-the-counter medications can lead to rebound headaches. In addition, the use of these drugs is more responsive than the prophylactic approach.

2. Rest

If you suspect your headache is due to fatigue or certain types of stress, you may need good old rest. Fatigue and stress put a strain on the body both mentally and physically. Tension headaches may be your way of thinking to tell you that you need a break. Take the time to get the sleep you need as soon as possible. After waking up, you will feel and work much better.

Medication for headache – headache-causes and treatment

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Not getting enough water can cause headaches. Drinks with alcohol or caffeine are not counted as they can cause dehydration. When you’re tired, you can rejuvenate with a glass of cold water and finish your last few hours of work.

4. Stretching & Walking

If you have a tension-type headache while staring at your computer screen or sitting at your desk all day, you may be able to relieve the tension simply by moving, stretching, or taking a walk. .. If you sit in the same position for a long time, your body may become stiff and tense. Exercise pumps your blood and also gives your brain a break. If your work requires you to be at your desk, make sure you wake up regularly all day long.

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5. Manage Stress to get rid of headache

For many, dealing with stress is difficult. Some people will benefit from working with a consultant. Relapsed or chronic stress may require anxiety or antidepressants. You can also reduce stress and get rid of headaches by drinking herbal teas containing chamomile, exercising, and doing yoga. Effective management of stress is important because stress can lead to other adverse health effects.

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