How to Cure Flue? Top Remedies

How to Cure Flue? Top Remedies


Hey i am going to share with you my own home remedies to cure the flue. You may prepare it at home. No need of high potency antibiotics. Just follow the procedures.

  1. Use 1 Lemon  + 1tbsp honey. Mix in warm water and take it after one hour. You will feel so relax and sleepy.
  2. boil 1 big bowl of water. Mix 1 lemon in it and take steam approx 15 min. your breathing will be cured.
  3. Use Arinac Tablet 1 +1 morning after breakfast and evening before sleeping.
  4. avoid all type of junky food and try to sleep.
How to Cure Flue?
Flue sick male person character with thermometer and pill

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