Health Secrets – Live like a NewBorn

Health Secrets – Live like a NewBorn

You might be thinking that what type of topic is this? Actually, there are lots of things we do on daily basis but have we ever thought that what is missing in our lives. No, we don’t think so. Have we ever given a few moments to ourselves? Just be relaxed and think that when you live for yourself? I am 100% sure that your answer will be NO. Yes, we all have answered NO. I always imagine living a life just like a NEWBORN (100% tension free). Additionally, Even not bothering in hunger, just cry and your mother will run to feed you. It is an awesome life span. Always try to Live like a newborn. It’s the basis of all the health secrets of your life to live like a newborn kid.

Live like a newborn –
Live like a newborn

What to Do?

Give a few moments to yourself. Daily take 3-5 times deep breaths (inhale & exhale). Close your eyes 3-5 times with an interval of a maximum of 2 hours, and blink your eyes fastly 5-10 times. Think about your childhood, your buddies, and diaper friends, look back to your photographs, and add some giggles, you will definitely have a genuine smile on your face. In fact, It’s you, yes it’s you and it’s your time, your life. Enjoy it. It is one of the best health secrets.

Live like a newborn -giggle
Deep breath –

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