Tips for Happy Life

Tips for Happy Life

Have you ever think why we are so unhappy? Do we have some serious issues? Are we facing a lot of troubles? Financial issues? Do we have Physical issues? Do we have some emotional issues? Think, Think and think, Are you really passing from hard times?

Sometimes we overthink things. In fact, we unintentionally exaggerate minor issues. Resultantly we grow them into bigger ones. Here We are sharing a few tips that may help you to overcome most of the problems.

Few Steps

First thing, Look inside yourself. How? Give 5-15 minutes to yourself for yourself and by yourself. Sit in a place where there is no interruption of people, mobile, or anything. The best time for this exercise will be at 2-4 am. Choose a place in your lawn, alone room, balcony or stairs of your house. Now, You are with you only.

Second thing, we are sharing a few questions, just raise these questions in your mind. Again and again.

Third thing, don’t try to generate answers in your mind. Let the mind answer these questions in the coordination with heart.


  1. Listen your heartbeat and ask who are you?
  2. Try to feel yourself as living entity?
  3. Do you have all physical body parts, legs, ears, nose, eyes, arms, foot, fingers etc?
  4. Are they all in working position?
  5. Do you have a mind that can think?
  6. Can your heart feel emotions?
  7. Do you have a disease that can’t be cured?
  8. Have you enough food to eat?
  9. Do you have clothes to cover your body?
  10. Is there someone with whom you may discuss little or more?


If your answers’ positive average is above 50%, you are a lucky human on earth. In case of less than 50% positive answers, you need to repeat the procedure. Because we all are blessed on the very first stage (Question No.1). Yes, you are a human. The best creature in this World. Moreover, If you can think, see, listen, move, speak, feel, express; then, Pay lots of Thanks to your Creator who made you human. It was His choice, to create you whatever He wants to. He chose the best Creature shape for you. Can you pay thanks to Him? OR Can you complain to Him?

End Note:

  1. Never compare yourself with anyone based on financial worth like bank balance, residential status, vehicles etc.
  2. Never look up, always look down, You will be much more thankful to your Creator.
  3. Always think Positive, whatever the situation is. There is always a solution, its you who have to search for solution.
  4. Believe, You are the best and blessed one soul on earth.
  5. For further guidance, feel free to contact us.

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  1. What an amazing thought to describe our self as a human being on this earth. This is actually very interesting therapy you have mentioned. Keep up the good work, i am looking forward for upcoming posts