News of Today – 13 July 2021

News of Today – 13 July 2021

Top News of Today – 13 July 2021 are here:

  1. A minor decline in  Pakistan’s daily COVID-19 cases is observed. The country reported 1,590 new coronavirus cases and a positivity rate of 3.63%.

2. Astonishing news about Prince Harry. He claimed of trap in the monarchy. He admitted that he was not in control over his life during his stay in the palace. Last year in April, he quit the royal job and moved to the US. It is expected that a series of bombshell allegations aimed at the Firm, is on its way.

3. A Tokyo hotel has apologized and removed signs of “Japanese only” and “foreigners only” from elevators. It happened after the anti-Covid-19 precaution sparked outrage on social media.

4. Next, Nepal’s Supreme Court (Kathmandu) reinstated its parliament; and ordered to appoint Sher Bahadur Deuba as prime minister, Nepal. In May 2021, Mr K.P. Sharma Oli (caretaker Prime Minister) has dissolved the Parliament.

5. Lastly, Moonsoon has started in Pakistan and India. Be careful in heavy rain.

Stay tuned for more News.

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