Today’s News

Today’s News

The world is changing rapidly. There is a lot of latest news every day. Today’s News is consisting of Pakistan news headlines, Afghan News and News from the world.

Today News Headlines Pakistan

Imran Khan PM Pakistan and Mr Putin talked about the Afghan current issue.

Prime Minister of Pakistan commended Minar-e – Pakistan incident and asked to focus on younger grooming in light of Islam.

Pak Rupee is down today. The dollar exchange rate is @166.3 in the market.

FBR is hiring an Irish company to control cyber-attacks.

Moreover, Tiktok is still banned in Pakistan.

News in Afghanistan Today

Pakistan- Afghan transit trade is about to complete. 97% of work is completed whereas 3% is left.

Biden confirmed to complete the Kabul airlift by 31 August 21.

Who is the real winner of the Afghan war? A new discussion started in the world.

All banks in Afghanistan started working. On the first day, there was a huge crowd for cash payments.

As per Al Jazeera News, US allies are warned of the terror attack in Afghanistan especially at Kabul Airport.

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