News of Today – 24 Aug 2021

News of Today – 24 Aug 2021

Headlines of Today’s Top News

The main headlines of Today’s top news are here:

  1. Pakistan said,” we have no objection on Afghanistan – India relations. The whole world needs to work together for rehabiliation of Afghanistan”.

2. Taliban has warned foreign forces to evacuate from Afghanistan immediately. Moreover, they said that any delay will be taken as negative and a strong reaction will arise.

3. It was the right time and right decision to leave Afghanistan. Said Byden

4. Neto is working for the evacuation of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

5. Corona is spreading in Pakistan. In the last 24 hours, as per reports, 84 are dead whereas the positivity ratio is 7%. More precautionary measures are the best solution to get rid of this pandemic.

6. The marriage ceremony of Junaid Safdar happily ended.

7. PIA is not operating in Afghanistan for today as well.

8. Dubai has opened a visit visa for Pakistan.

9. Sultanat of Uman has uplifted the travel ban from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

10. The girls have started going to Schools in Afghanistan.

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